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Turnkey Experts in Heat Processing

The Lanly Company, founded in 1938, designs and builds Industrial Ovens, Industrial Dryers, Material Handling Equipment, Process Control Systems and Custom Heat Processing Equipment for an extensive range of industries. Lanly ovens and dryers deliver exceptional product uniformity and maintainability; guaranteeing maximized production.

Our industry-proven impingement air process delivers unmatched product uniformity and our programmable PC control experience enables us to offer completely integrated monitoring and control systems, ensuring quality and repeatability. Because each Lanly system combines innovative engineering with over seven decades of multi-industry experience, our customers can be confident we’ll provide the right solution to meet the most demanding application requirements.

With over 80 years of multi-industry applications and innovations, Lanly is uniquely positioned to deliver customized heat processing equipment to meet your most demanding specifications.

Lanly products are successfully meeting customer expectations in these diverse industries: