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Since our establishment in1938, The Lanly Company, a privately held firm, has offered the highest quality heat processing solutions for a variety of industries.  We build industrial ovens, industrial dryers and custom engineered equipment for a variety of heat processing requirements up through the 1250 °F temperature range.

The Lanly Company


Our Cleveland, Ohio fabricating facility includes state-of-the-art machinery practices in order to reduce unit costs and enable Lanly to deliver highly competitive bids.  Quality workmanship is paramount and we continually update engineering and shop procedures. Lanly quality extends well beyond durable and efficient solutions.  On-time shipment to our customers is a prime consideration.  Weekly production meetings are held with key team member to insure we keep our promised ship date.


Our on-site laboratory facilities are available to customers on a limited basis for establishing time, temperature and air flow data to optimize heating processes and end-product quality.


High velocity air processes are continuing to advance production in a growing array of industries. The application of high velocity heated air enables increased production, faster systems and tighter uniformity.  This technology, often referred to as impingement air processes, is one of Lanly’s specialized solutions.  Lanly is an innovator in air oven technologies.  Our mechanical engineers have developed an efficient, high velocity tube, air discharge and duct system. This impingement air system can successfully speed up drying and curing continuous web products, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing quality.

We have unmatched in-house capability to design complex, integrated control systems. We can also design and build equipment to function and interface into your larger integrated systems. Lanly has incorporated many of the available programmable logic controllers into control systems in which communication/information interlocks are required for equipment function.

Lanly’s Electrical Department has developed an inexpensive first-out indicator, called the LANSCAN, to cut field down time and to facilitate troubleshooting.


Lanly’s experienced team of service technicians provide professional consultation, start-up assistance, turn-key installations and prompt, full-service support. Our staff is trained and well-versed in mechanical and electrical trouble-shooting to provide quality, full system support.


Our founder, James A. Lyle, believed that there is a right way to conduct business to ensure that customers and employees are treated fairly, honestly and with respect.  The Lyle family and the entire Lanly team operate under the guidance of the Lanly Team Core Values as set forth by our founder.