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For over 75 years, Lanly has designed and built industrial ovens, industrial dryers and custom heat processing solutions for an extremely diverse worldwide market. Lanly has successfully installed more than 7,500 systems. Many systems are completely shop-assembled, wired, piped and tested prior to shipment. A more extensive system may be erected at your plant under the direction of one of our field supervisors.

High volume continuous conveyor ovens … small electric batch ovens … or lab oven prototype, however unique your heat processing need, Lanly can provide your solution. We won’t force-fit your specifications into a stock solution. Each Lanly industrial oven and dryer combines innovative design with decades of multi-industry experience, like our industry-proven impingement air process that delivers unmatched product uniformity. Lanly’s engineering expertise in industrial oven design, heat processing, material handling and controls ensures you the right solution, risk-free.

The Lanly Company serves a wide range of industries, including: